Right Here – Projections At Two Levels

Working with projections, a guideline is that whatever I see “out there” is also “in here”. And that is really true in two distinct ways.

One is that as Big Mind, as this space & awareness, I am whatever arises. I am any person, any animal, any plant, any landscape, any human made invention that happens to arise to this human self in the present.

The other is that as this particular human self, I also am whatever arises. Whatever characteristic I see “out there” – in other humans, animals, plants, landscapes, dreams, stories and so on – is right here, in this particular human self, as well. I can only see it out there, because I recognize it from in here.

In both cases, there is a beautiful transduality. What is “other” is also “I”, what is “there” is also “here”.

This opens for a deepening sense of…

Gratitude, for the richness and intimacy of it all.

Humility, for being nothing special or separate.

Compassion, for recognizing right here the suffering and pain I see out there.

Rejoicing, for seeing the joy over there right here.

Equanimity, for seeing that anything that arises is just an old friend, not separate or “other”.

And in the midst of all this, there is of course room for seeing distinctions and differences as well. I may have what I see in Rembrandt, but that does not mean I can paint as him right now. I may recognize in myself the suffering of a child who lost her parents, but that does not mean I am experiencing that particular suffering the same way right now.

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