Shadow & Spirit

It is also interesting to see how the shadow shows up in the awakening process.

If I identity exclusively with one pole of any polarity, I leave the other out – and this shows up in projections.

If I am exclusively identified as a human being, I am either oblivious to the ground and/or Big Mind and not interested in any “spiritual” path (which is fine). Or I see it only out there – for instance in “awakened beings”. I may become an unquestioning follower and disciple, which may lead me into some hard lessons and invite me to find a more balanced approach to myself and the teacher – seeing both in myself, and finding a teacher who does not encourage blind following.

If I am exclusively identified as “good” and “spiritual” I leave out that which is “bad” and “not spiritual”. And these will then show up in my life in unexpected and uncontrollable ways, inviting me to embrace these sides of myself as well. Inviting me to become a little more human, to sink a little more into the fullness of what I already am.

If I am exclusively identified as the ground, as formless awareness, I leave out my human self and the world of form. And this neglect leads to a great deal of suffering, through for instance disease, unfavorable circumstances and so on.

If I am exclusively identified as the absolute, as Big Mind, the relative is left out and I see the relative only in the delusions of others. In other words, I don’t see myself as fully human, and others may not either…! I may become a larger-than-life being, ripe for adoration by others. And this sets me up for a fall into a more inclusive and real identity.

And so on.

In all cases, we identify with one end of the polarity and leave the other out. And what we leave out comes back to bite us. It is life’s way to invite us to find a more inclusive view and identity.

If we respond to this invitation by rejecting it all, we miss out of this lesson – although it will come back and we’ll have another opportunity. If we respond with receptivity, we may indeed find a more inclusive experience of the world.

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