Simple Happiness

There are many simple ways to find a basis of happiness in life. Here are some random examples of possible components.

  • Excercise
    Simple physical activity and excercise is one, benefiting both body and mind. Even a brief brisk walk- outdoors – a day has significant benefits.

  • Food
    Simple hearty food is another, eating unprocessed seasonal food. For me, stews and cooked food in the winter, and lighter fresh food in the summer.

  • Engagement
    Engagement is another aspect, for instance engagement in paid work and/or our social and ecological community. This is a reminder of our interconnections with life, with the larger social and ecological wholes.

  • Intention
    Intention is another key, expressed in many ways. One is through rejoicing in other’s happiness, which provides an unlimited source of happiness in our own life (this may sound naive, but really works). Another is setting the intention of living our own life to the benefit of all, ourselves and others.

  • Sincerity
    Sincerity – primarily with ourselves, and spilling naturally over into our relationships with others – gives a sense of intimacy with ourselves and life, and through that meaning and direction.

  • Interconnections
    Bringing interconnections into awareness is another aspect of finding joy. As human beings, we are profoundly interconnected with all there is.

    We are born from stardust, related to and an expression of the whole universe in a very direct and tangible way. We are connected with the whole of Earth and all past and future generations of all species. The Universe Story and Deep Ecology activities are ways to deepen our experience of this.

    And as Big Mind, the whole world of form arises within us. All there is is infinitely intimate.

    We can also find an intimacy with ourselves as human beings – and Big Mind – through various forms of yoga such as tai chi, chi gong, breema and so on.

The short version of all this is to (a) bring our interconnections into awareness and (b) engage in these interconnections. And we find these interconnections with the larger whole (universe, earth, larger social/ecological systems), with ourselves as human beings (body/mind), and with the ground of being (formless awareness, the unborn).

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