Synchronicity (Attraction & Repulsion)

I read “The Second Birth: Stories of Awakening” today, partly at Borders coffee shop. These are stories by people who have gone through the second birth, as they call it in the Waking Down community, and one paragraph triggered something in me. It was by someone who, at his initial evening workshop with Saniel, had told Saniel that he did not do a very good job at it. The day after, he apologized and Saniel said “we all get to be assholes sometimes”.

Saniel has a way of pushing my buttons, and even this brief story pushed a big one for me. What works for me is when people acknowledge that anything anyone can say about them is true. Any statement has truth in it, and when we hear it – whether it is directed towards us or not – it is an opportunity to explore, sincerely, how it is true in my case, in my life. It is such a tremendous opportunity for sincerity, humility and discovery. Such as tremendous gift. So when someone smugly pushes it away and places the blame on the one expressing the statement – the hidden gold – it triggers a strong reaction in me.

And I know of course that this is because I don’t always apply this to myself fully, as much as I am invited by life to do. It is my own hangup.

The comical aspect of this story is that I had a warm fuzzy feeling reading the stories, until this one paragraph. And during this time, two people who sat at other places in the room moved over to the two seats next to me. They obviously did not have to, and there were few people in the room so it was a little unusual for this flocking together. But it also made sense to me as I did feel very open and warm hearted at the time, which – I thought – possibly attracted these two to bask in the enjoyment of it.

As I came to the paragraph mentioned above, I decided to do a Byron Katie inquiry into it, and as part of that process – I went fully into anything triggered by the story, which was a good deal. I did not move or do anything that would be very obvious to others, but about a minute or so into it, one of the people next to me left her seat and moved to another corner of the room. And shortly after, the other person moved to another seat a ways away from me.

I don’t know if this had anything at all to do with what happened with me – if they somehow picked up on and respond to it, or if it was just coincidence. In either case, it was an interesting synchronicity.

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