When we awaken more stably as formless awareness, we see that this is the space & awareness in which the world of form arises – including this human self and anything else. And it is inherently stick-free. Anything and everything comes and goes and leaves no trace.

In the world of form, there are lots of traces – an infinity of causes and effects. It is a world of consequences. Yet, nothing sticks to this groundless ground in which all this happens.

When we are exclusively identified with/as our human self, we naturally try to push some experiences away and hold onto other. We struggle with whatever comes up, in different ways and to various degrees. Everything seems to leave a trace, and we add to it through our struggle and getting blindly caught up in revisiting of past situations and imaginations of future situations.

So when we awaken to/as this ground, we can access this stick-free quality. We can rest in and as it, and allow any and all experiences to come and go as guest. They live their own life anyway, and now we can give them freedom to do this as they already do.

We liberate the experiences – allowing them to come and go on their own, and they liberate us – from struggle and suffering. There is a beautiful symmetry here, as there often seem to be.

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