The Fall of US Empire, Projections & Acting

I find it comical – and tragic – how mainstream media in the US depicts Chavez and Morales (legally and democratically elected presidents of Venezuela and Bolivia). Mainstream media, and especially corporate media, are of course dedicated to promoting the profoundly destructive neo-liberal form of globalization, and those speaking up for local interests and the underdogs are perceived as their main enemy – especially if they are elected leaders as that shows that people don’t buy their propaganda.

European media generally have a far more favorable impression of the policies of these two, and it seems that regular Europeans often see them as far more sane than Bush and Co. – as I do.

Still, the US government has shown over and over – for decades – that they are willing to do anything to further their global economic, cultural, and military influence. Nothing is beyond them, including the most profound corruption, deception, and use of violence against legally elected governments and hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

There are many signs of a collapse of this US empire, and what is happening now is seen by many as the last desperate convulsions – trying to hold onto something that is falling apart under their feet. It will fall of course, the only questions are when – and what will replace it globally.

Ideally, it is a strong global governance where the interests of regular people, ecosystems, and economy all are balanced and taken into account in a real way. And where the voices of the weak are strongly represented and taken into account – not only current humans but future generations and the Earth as a whole. But what usually happens is not as bad as our worst fears, and not as good as our highest hopes.

One thing I find interesting is the European tendency to root for the underdog, the weak in society and otherwise, and the US tendency to root for the powerful. It is partly rooted in history (the US has a history of everyone for themselves, and success only to the most ruthless and powerful), and maybe more so – a sign of the success of the propaganda of the powerful in the US, combined perhaps with the gullibility of its people.

Projections & Acting

Well, this was a general rant and a reminder of the relationship between projections and heart. On the one hand, I need to do my homework with projections and notice and integrate them- especially when something is triggered in me as it often is around these topics. On the other hand, we need to act on what we see – especially when it comes from our heart.

That there is always delusion in our view and actions is not a reason to not act, it is only a reason to pay attention when we do so.

Update 2023: The signs of the collapse of the US empire have been steadily growing in the years since I wrote this article. The increased polarization in the US, and the detachment from reality in US politics (Trump, etc.), are both symptoms of and hastens that collapse.

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