The Joys of Rejoicing

There are many joys in the practice of rejoicing, in finding reasons for joy in other’s lives.

  • It opens my heart
  • There is never any end to reasons for joy
  • I find deepening appreciation for life
  • I become less narrowly self-absorbed (in this particular human self) and instead become absorbed in myself as the other, as Big Mind/Heart
  • I become more familiar with myself as Big Mind/Heart, as all and anyone there is
  • As a human being, there is a deepening sense of intimacy with others
  • I find new joy, freshness, passion, clarity, direction and sense of meaning
  • I find a new generosity towards all there is, towards myself and others
  • I find a new sense of flow, energetically & bodily as well as in the mind (less stuck in envy, jealousy, shame and so on)

As rejoicing becomes more of a habit, any feeling of separation or being in the dumps becomes a reminder to find reasons to rejoice in other’s happiness. Eventually, as we become more familiar with Big Mind/Heart and the fluidity of our human self and Big Mind/Heart, we see that rejoicing is just the natural expression of what already is – when it awakens to and becomes more familiar with its own nature.

As Big Mind/Heart, I am every creature and anything else. The world arises within me. As a human being, I am in the world – in the same boat as any and everyone else. Together, these two brings up a natural clarity, spaciousness, insight, compassion, gratitude, joy, humility and – yes – rejoicing as well.

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