The Words Me & I

Words are tricky.

On the one hand, there is just what is happening- tapping on the keyboard, patterns on a screen, Bach playing in the background, pressure under the butt and one foot, the taste of a clementine, slight chill on the hands, slight soreness along the mid spine, slight tingling in the lower half of the body, the space & awareness it all arises within and so on.

And none of these has an inherent “I”. There is no place that an “I” can be placed, in any absolute or permanent way. The sense of “I” is always temporary, and comes from believing in the abstraction of “I” and placing it somewhere within all that is happening in the present.

At the same time, there is this particular human self here – through which the world of form is experienced and through which there is engagement in the world of form. This is not an “I” either, but it is – in a sense – a “me”. It is a particular and temporary vehicle in the world of form for this which does not have an inherent “I”.

So in this way, there is no “I” anywhere but there is a “me” in the form of this human self.

At the same time, there is the possibility of fluidly and temporarily place the “I” anywhere in what is happening, including as the whole of it – beyond and including all polarities. Here, we speak as Big Mind/Heart and see that everything is me. But there is nothing absolute or permanent in this either, it is just a game.

And then there is the functioning as a human self in the world of form, where it is indeed very useful to speak of me, mine and I. It helps us navigate the world, and very much helps communication with others. And again, it is clear that this use of the words is purely conventional, only with a temporary and pragmatic function. There is nothing absolute or permanent about it.

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