Transdual & Dual Qualities

Just about any human quality can be filtered through a dualistic (conventional) or a transdual (Big Mind/Heart) view.

And quite naturally, when awakened teachers act or talk from a transdual view, the terms are often understood in a more dualistic way by those receiving it.

Some examples of transdual and dual ways of understanding various qualities…

Love. In a transdual sense, love is unconditional. As Big Mind, I recognize all as me. And as a human being, I see in myself what I see in others. Love in a dualistic sense has more to do with attraction, and it is conditioned on many things.

Anger. In a transdual sense, anger is a forceful action in the context of Big Mind/Heart. It is ruthless or yang compassion aimed at reducing or preventing suffering. In a dualistic sense, it comes from blind reactivity and aversion – from coming up against something that is not made aware in oneself.

Spirit. In a transdual view, Spirit is either (a) the groundless ground, space & awareness, that in which the world of form arises, or (b) Big Mind, the view which goes beyond and includes all polarities. In a dualistic view, Spirit can be seen as opposed to the world of form including our human selves.

Development. In a transdual view, there is the Unborn (the ground) which is distinct from the world of form and any development. And there is the born, the world of form, which does develop. Both are right here, now. In a dualistic view, development may be all there is. I am less or more developed, and that is the whole story. And only those more developed have access to Spirit.

Present. In a transdual view, the present is the ground in which all arises. It is this formless awareness here now, in which this body and the rest of the world of form arises. It is that in which the world of space & time arises, and it is always here now. In a dualistic view, the present is the razor’s edge between past and future, and it takes a great deal of effort to “be present” – to not get lost in thoughts about either past or future. In fact, it is impossible.

Truth. In a transdual view, truth it what is – as it is, beyond yet including abstractions about it. It is Big Mind, beyond and including all polarities. In a dualistic view, truth can be arrived at through abstractions, and some abstractions are true and other false – or some are at least more true than others.

Awakening. In a transdual view, awakening is God awakening to itself. There is no change, apart from just the noticing that all is Big Mind, Spirit, God. Both awakening and delusion is Big Mind, Spirit, God, so although there is a difference, there is no absolute separation between the two. In a dualistic view, humans are either deluded or awakened, and they are mutually exclusive.

And so on.

Of course, there is the possibility that we act from a dualistic view and justify it by calling it transdual, and there has probably been a great deal of this among various spiritual teachers throughout history. The safest seems to be a sincere approach, acknowledging that there is always delusion – no matter how awakened we appear to be.

We can also look at various concepts this way. For instance…

Spirit & Body. In a transdual view, spirit and body are both God, Spirit, Big Mind. They are just the formless and form aspects of God. In a dualistic view, body is good and spirit nonsense, or spirit is good and body is a trap.

Infinite & Finite. In a transdual view, the infinite and finite as both God. It is God manifesting and experiencing itself as both, and one through the other. In a dualistic view, there is either one or the other, and one is seen as good or safe and the other not.

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