Being & Doing


When I find myself as the Unborn, as formless awareness distinct from the world of form, I also find myself as the world of form, as it happens within space & awareness. It is just what is, as it is. There is no “I” anywhere, yet there is also an “I” everywhere.

This is Big Mind, beyond and including all polarities. And as Big Mind, I am all that happens. There is no separation. And there is no exclusive “I” anywhere in all of this.


At the same time, there is a functional connection with this particular human self. There is input from the wider world of form, and there is activity and engagement through and as my human self.

Being & doing

So while my being aspect is all there is, with nothing outside, nothing excluded, my doing aspect is very much local and limited.

As I now listen to Kate Bush’s Aerial, I am that music and the beauty of it. And I also am Kate Bush and the activity of creating and playing the music. At the same time, I am not able to create or play that music through my human self.

I am the beauty and everything else. Yet, I may not be able to create it or even something similar. I am all there is, beyond any limitations, and I am very much manifesting in a limited way as well.

Infinite & limited

And this is how the wonderful diversity of the world manifests. We all – as the One – are it all, yet we each manifest in limited and unique ways.

Without these limitations, there would be no diversity. With limitations, there is a tremendous and infinite diversity.

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