Big Mind & Doing

[convolution warning!]

Human self doing

As human beings, there is clearly an I and doing. I am here, distinct from anything else, and I am doing things to/with these other things. And this is real.

I am an object in a world interacting with innumerable other objects. (This gives rise to everything we are so familiar with in our human lives – various forms of attractions, aversions, fear, struggle and so on – but that is another topic).

Big Mind & Doing

As Big Mind, I find myself beyond and including all polarities.

[Big Mind I]

Here, I find a transcendent “I” beyond and including all polarities. An “I” that is nowhere and everywhere.

At the same time, as Big Mind I find myself as all the various temporary “I”s happening. These are the “I”s arising as temporary forms everywhere, and the experience of a separate and fixed “I” happening through all sorts of beings.

I am all these “I”s but not limited to any one of them.

[Big Mind doing]

Similarly, there is all sorts of doing everywhere, and I am that doing.

As Big Mind, there is no separate I to be doing something to something else. There is just all the doing, and I am that doing. I am the doing, but I don’t do.

[Just what is happening]

As Big Mind – beyond and including all polarities – there is only what is happening. There is no separate I anywhere. There is no doer. There is just the doing. There is just what is happening.

Human self & Big Mind

As a human self and Big Mind, I am both. I am in the world, an object interacting with innumerable other objects. And I am that in which the world happens, I am all the doing and all the apparent doers.

I engage and do. I am free from any engagement and doing. And I am all doing and apparent doers.

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