Changing Motivations

When I look at my own motivations – as with just about anything else – I can find several layers.

I have my motivations as a human self, and several layers even within here. I have my preferences, including to take care of my basic needs and then to develop skills and myself in many areas, to find meaning in activities and relationships, and so on. This is the whole Maslow’s needs pyramid and what we find in similar outlines.

I have my motivations as Big Heart, aiming at relieving suffering and the causes of suffering for my human self and other beings.

And as the Unborn (formless awareness) or Big Mind (beyond and including all polarities), I find no preferences.

I can see that some years back – although finding myself as Big Mind as well as my human self – my human self had many needs that came to the foreground. Among the stronger ones were ambition fueled by a need for recognition, finding a place in the world, and a sense of meaning.

Then, there were some years where the need for recognition went more into the background, and a sense of meaning more to the foreground. And now, there may be another shift – although I am not quite sure into what.

Of course, all these motivations are with us all the time – taking turns going to the foreground and background. They all enrich the overall experience.

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