Clear Intention

When I take time to set a clear intention, everything else seems to reorganize around it. Intention may be the most important aspect of almost anything we do, from our daily life and work to awakening.

Intention sets a direction, it helps our various aspects aligning in a shared direction, it helps us evaluate and decide on actions, it helps us be receptive to whatever facilitates us in going in the direction, it reminds us of our purpose – beyond distractions.

Many spiritual teachers say that intention is the single most important factor for awakening, and that seems true in my experience.

In Buddhism, intention is often an embedded part of daily practice. And I also find it very helpful to take some time after I wake up – and before getting up – to set a clear intention for the day. It may be in terms of tasks to accomplish, and it may also be to live my life for the benefit of all beings, and to use any situation for insight and help me awaken further.

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