Clear Yes

The clear, wholehearted “yes” mentioned in a previous post, does not only come up when it is about me but also for others. It does not discriminate.

I was reminded of this some days ago when a friend of mine announced he was moving away to live with his girlfriend, abandoning school and birth family in the process.

As soon as I heard this, a strong, full and complete “yes” came up in me. It seemed completely right and a very good path.

In terms of larger decisions, these complete “yes”es does not come up so frequently. In my own case, it has more recently only been with Breema and the deekshas. Of course, it happens daily as well, in smaller areas.

Having it come up for my friend was a reminder for me. A reminder to allow myself to wait for these “yes”es in my own life, to not push ahead too much without them.

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