Conventional View & Inclusiveness

When we expand into an identity beyond our human self, it is a case of transcend & include in many areas.

One of these areas is in terms of our view.

We may find ourselves as the Unborn, as formless awareness, and no view. We are distinct from the world of phenomena, so there is no view here. It is just not knowing. Just receptivity and a mirror for the world of phenomena.

We may find ourselves as Big Mind, beyond and including all polarities, and with no view but as (containing) all and any views. If there is any particular view here, it is the nondual view – the view of the absolute. Of everything being complete as it is. It is all Spirit, beyond and including all polarities, and distinct from any notion of completeness or incompleteness.

We may find ourselves as Big Heart, with infinite compassion and care for all beings and all existence.

And at the same time, we find ourselves as our human self, with all the conventional (and unconventional) views of our human self – acquired through culture, subcultures, education, experiences and more.

Each of these levels of views are valid and real. Each comes from different levels of who we are.

The conventional views – maybe finetuned and reorganized through our conscious connection with Big Mind and Big Heart – are essential for our life as a human being. They include concern for our health, well being and survival, for our education and career, for our work and activities in the world, and so on. And all of these are crucial for our human life, and for creating and maintaining a container for more deeply bringing Big Mind and Big Heart into our human life.

Far from being abandoned by the awakening, they are included into a larger whole. And continually reorganized and finetuned in the process.

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