I went to the fourth deeksha day of the seven month series yesterday, and I experienced (the beginning) of a quite deep shift.

How parts of us see God

Western culture has a view of both nature and God as “other” and somewhat fearsome and unpredictable. We learn to keep our distance in a certain way, and often have a low level fear in relation to both. With nature, we try to control and tame it. And with God, we try to please him and stay out of trouble – as a child who knows that he or she probably has done something wrong and may be punished.

In spite of everything I have directly experienced that tells me otherwise, and in spite of a conscious worldview that is not quite like this, I also have this low level fear of God and Existence. I don’t quite trust it. I have a sense that I have done something “wrong” and I may be “punished” one way or another.

The couple leading the deeksha workshops are very mature, have a deeply transdual view, are both awakened to the nondual, and have worked with thousands of people around these and other issues. It is a great blessing to be able to work with them on these things.

Facilitating the shift

So my shift is around this issue of how part of me see God, under the surface of my conscious view. Some of the things that facilitates this shift…

Asking God, Spirit (etc) for (a) me to see anything that I need to see around a particular issue for it to heal, and (b) allowing it all into oneness. (Oneness here means into awareness, into the seamless whole of Existence, God).

On this particular issue, having a clear intention and asking God for any distorted views of God to surface and be brought into oneness.

They also mentioned that when we ask with sincere and clear intention, God has no choice but to respond. After all, we – as a human being – is a fragment of the divine, and ultimately – at the largest whole – it is all a seamless whole. It is God asking itself.

It is all good

The thing is that when we find ourselves as the nondual, as the ground in which it all arises from, then it is all good. It is all God.

It only appears awful to us when we identify with a segment of what is (create what is into an “I” and “other”) and thus forget about the ground it all arises from, within, as. As a segment of what is, we become an object in a world of object. We are at the mercy of whatever happens within and outside of our human self, and this creates a sense of life-and-death struggle and suffering.

And when it appears awful to us, then it truly is awful. It is completely real, but born out of a confusion. Born out of creating an identity as a segment of what is, rather than the ground it all arises from and as that which arises.

So there is no need to see God as fearsome. It is only our own mistaken identity (any identity) which creates what is fearsome.

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