Deepening Into Release & Engagement

This is pretty obvious, but also worth mentioning and exploring.


I notice that the more I find myself as the Unborn (space & awareness) and Big Mind (beyond and including all polarities), the more I find release.

As the Unborn, I am distinct from the world of form. The world of form arises within me. It comes and goes as guests and there is no stickiness. It is a complete release. And as Big Mind, I am it all so there is a complete release from anything in particular.


And this release allows me to deepen into engagement. When nothing sticks, I can be fully engaged. When I am it all, there is no need to hold back.


The more there is release, the more it allows for wholehearted engagement. And the more engagement there is, the more it inspires me to further familiarize myself with the release.

Again, there is a beautiful symmetry here.

Big Mind & Big Heart

An aspect of this engagement is of course Big Heart.

The more I find myself as Big Mind, as all there is, with no preference, full equanimity and released from anything in particular, the more I can allow myself to bring Big Heart into my life.

Only this ground of space & awareness can allow me to more fully experience the suffering of all beings. There is no other way.

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