What is

We are what is – this ground, awareness and form – an no segment of what is has any “I” in it. It is complete, nothing is missing. It is beyond and including any and all polarities. It just is.

At some level, there is a deep and inherent knowing of this.

Knowing and dissatisfaction

And this knowing shows up as dissatisfaction until the nondual awakening, until we awaken as this ground, as emptiness dancing in all its infinite form.

Dissatisfaction filtered through “I”

The reason for this dissatisfaction is believing in the thought “I” and placing it on a segment of what is, and the sense of split, separation, alienation, desired and so on created by this.

And when there is the belief in an “I”, this dissatisfaction is filtered through the experience of I and other, and takes all the forms we know from human life. Mainly in the form of seeking temporary satisfaction through fleeting experiences and apparent attainments.


This dissatisfaction itself is emptiness dancing, is is one of the many forms of Spirit. And at another level, it is a sign of our divinity – our inherent completeness beyond and including any and all polarities.

Seeking and release

This seeking is ultimately as seeking for a nondual awakening, since it comes from a deep knowing of our completeness and can only be satisfied by this nondual awakening.

So for a while, it takes the many worldly forms we are familiar with. Eventually, when we begin to realize that we cannot find complete fulfillment there, it is that which eventually puts us on the spiritual path – in whatever form it takes.


It is the thirst that only can be quenched when we realize that we – and everything – is the water.

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