Everything Aware of Itself

In a nondual awakening, it is of course difficult to say anything about it.

What is has awakened to itself beyond and including any polarities, and the function of words is to split, so there is not an easy match there.

What is awakens to itself in its various aspects. (a) The ground, emptiness. (b) Witness, pure awareness. (c) Form and phenomena.

And there is no “I” in any of these areas.

Ground and form

There is also a clear experience of the ground being that from, within and as which phenomena happen. And this ground is experienced directly as what can be best described as emptiness, and all form and phenomena are also experienced directly as this emptiness. Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form.

Seeing and seen

At the same time, the awareness of it all does not seem to have any center of circumference. It appears distinct from time and space, timeless, infinite. It is everywhere. The space itself is the seeing.

So there is then an experience of phenomena experiencing itself. There is the phenomena, happening somewhere in space, and right there with it is the awareness of it. The seeing and seen is one and the same.

Everything is experiencing itself – within and as this ground, which includes seeing and seen.

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