Fire, Awakening, Dark Night & Recovery

I just talked with Barry on the phone. He is one of the facilitators of the seven month deeksha process I am in, and I deeply appreciate his maturity and insights.

It was very helpful. He is further along on what seems a very similar process as what I am in, and it feels good to be “seen” by someone who can relate to it from his own experience, and also give very good suggestions as well.

One of the things we talked about at the end was five element acupuncture, relating to the awakening and subsequent dark night of the souls – as it unfolded for each of us. During the awakening, the fire energy went berserk and burnt everything up, which in turn lead to a collapse and the dark night of the soul. Five element acupuncture was an important part of his recovery from it, as it is for me right now.

During my awakening, there was a burning passion for just about anything, and a huge amount of energy and immense capacity for activity and engagement. Then, during the dark night, it all went out the door and there was hardly any spark left for anything.

Now, after some months of five element treatments, the fire is stronger at the core – and there is some passion for exploring these types of things and whatever I write about in this blog, but it still has much to permeate. There is still a dryness and parchedness in most of my life, and absence of energy and enthusiasm. But, it is slowly and gradually coming back.

I started five element sessions last January, did regular session through July, then a pause during the nondual awakening, and I have resumed sessions every other week.

Five element acupuncture as an interest

Five element acupuncture is a long standing interest of mine, and I am still considering getting trained in it. But there is no need to push it right now. It is so clearly not the right time. There is still much recovering left, until my passion is strong and clear enough for studies and engagement of any serious kind.

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