Food Fog

Wheat, sugar, dairy

I have eaten some sugar and wheat the last couple of days, and experience the consequences of it. It shows up as an emotional/mental fog. When I am by my own, it is usually OK, but I notice the consequences of it when I am out among people.

Depending on what particular food I have eaten – sugar, wheat and/or dairy – the fog comes up as a sense of distance to the world (wheat), as a sense of inferiority and of something undefinable to be ashamed of (either of them), lack of clarity (either/all), and so on.

It is quite interesting to have a chance to explore all of these realms of mind. Eating these three is an instant tour into realms that so many live in these days.

I talked with a massage therapist friend about this in the evening, and it turns out that she too has very similar experiences with the same foods. Not surprisingly, since these three tends to be on the top of current food intolerances and they are most likely quite widespread. Most people don’t know, because they eat the same food day out and day in, and they don’t make the connection with the food they eat and their emotional/mental fuzzy symptoms.

Drugged out

My friend also mentioned how many say – on their massage intake form – that they are one one form of antidepressant or another (90% or more). And how for instance prozac now is showing up in the ground water, being absorbed into plants and animals and coming through our tap water as well.

The widespread use of prozac and other anti-depressants is just another way our consumer culture manipulates people.

Are you unhappy with your life? Take a pill! It will take care of all your worries, and you don’t have to think about your crappy job and your lack of fulfillment with your consumer lifestyle.

Of course, this is only one aspect of the issue, but one that seems very real. Prozac is the current opium for the people. Something to dull their pain of an unfulfilled life. Something to help them not question why they have the nagging sense that something is not right. Something to take the edge of symptoms telling them that something is terribly wrong with their corporate job and consumer lifestyle.

Something to prevent them from seeing more clearly that the life promoted by our consumer culture is – in so many cases – not deeply meaningful and satisfying. It does not meet our essential human needs for connection, authenticity, sense of contributing in a meaningful way, sense of being part of life and supporting life in a deep way.

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