Food & Mind

The human system – body, energies, emotions, thoughts – is one seamless fluid whole, as is all of Existence, beyond and including any and all polarities. The question is of course how the connections between the different aspects play themselves out.

For me, there is a very strong connection between food and how I experience myself and the world. Dairy triggers fatigue, sluggishness and dullness. Sugar brings about an energy collapse. And wheat leads to an experience of disassociation, of the world being distanced and of my mind being foggy.

And there are certainly enough data to show that this is true for many of us, both from practitioners and – recently – mainstream research.

We evolved in a situation where we ate with the seasons, and mostly whole and unrefined foods. Now, we tend to eat the same food day in and day out, and much of it is processed and refined.

There is no wonder that the system reacts, and when it changes as a whole it is no wonder that some of the symptoms are in the area of the mind.

It is coming out in the media more, and BBC reported on a typical story today:

Brian Godfrey suffered from chronic depression for about 40 years. […] The 71-year-old then cut out wheat and dairy and within three weeks was feeling better. “It was a miracle. I just woke up one morning and my problems had gone.

And as he points out, it is exactly those foods we really like (as in addicted to), that are those that tends to be connected with food intolerance and these symptoms. If there is something in your diet that you resist leaving out for a few days – especially if it is wheat, sugar, dairy or something refined – it is very likely that there is a food intolerance there. And it may well be related to symptoms you – and your doctor – never thought could be connected with what you eat.


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