From Problem to Interesting

When I have an exclusive identity as a segment of what is – most typically as my human self – then many things that come up in and through my human self is experienced as a problem. I try to hold onto it or push it away, and it becomes a big struggle and drama.

When my identity becomes more inclusive – especially to the Witness, Unborn, formless awareness – it tends to change. Now, what was a problem just becomes interesting. There is still anger, sorrow, joy, grief, pain, vulnerability and so on coming up, but it all arises within and as space. There is a release from being blindly caught up in it. I am more free to engage with it or not, and in how to engage with it. There may even be a stream of bliss through it all.

I am fully the sadness, yet also so much more than it. It becomes just one piece of the tapestry, fully experienced, and I can choose to place focus on it – and living it more deeply – or not, depending on the situation.

There is a new fluidity in this, moving from more fully engage with any particular aspect of what is happening or not.

And I find myself as friends with more of my humanity. Where I used to hold a lot of it at an arm’s lenght distance, I can allow myself to deepen further into the richness of my humanity in all its many aspects.

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