Gateless Gate

When what is awakens to its own nature, having no “I” anywhere, it has passed through the gateless gate.

Previously, it was identified with and as a human self, and then the seer – pure awareness. And from this perspective, with the seer-seen split, there is indeed a gate to pass through. There is another step – or more – to pass through the gate into the nondual, into awakening as that which is beyond and includes any and all polarities, including that of seer and seen.

But now, having passed through the gate, we don’t see it anymore. We now awaken as what is, as it is, beyond and including all polarities. Itself distinct from time, but containing time. Distinct from process, but containing process. It is what is, always. There is no gate here. There never was.

It only appeared to be a gate there, as long as what is was identified with only a segment of what is. As long as there was a split between seer and seen. And since it appeared to be there, it was indeed there. There was a gate to pass through. We pass through it, turn around, and it is not there.

A gate that vanishes as soon as it is passed through.

The gateless gate.

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