Ground & Segment

When I am identified as my human self, I am an object in the world – in space.

When I am identified as formless awareness, I am the ground my human self and anything else happens within.

And when I am no longer able to set aside anything as an “I”, there is just what is, as it is. There is the ground everything is arising within, there is everything arising, and there is no inherent “I” anywhere. I can say that “I” am everything, beyond and including all polarities, or that there is no “I” anywhere, or that “I” am this human self – because that is how it appears to others.

Right now, I am moving into finding myself as the whole which embraces seer and seen, as the ground it all happens within. And one way to work with this is to notice what seems most as an “I”, and then see that this too is happening within what is. It is a segment set aside as an “I”. It too arises from the ground, as everything else.

There is no inherent “I” there, only a temporary identification with a segment of what is.

For me, the slight sense of an “I” is around the Witness (formless awareness) and – a little less – as some thoughts and sensations. And none of these have any inherent “I”.

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