Intention, Nondual & Prejudice


For me – right now – it seems that the single most important aspect of awakening is intention. Having a clear intention. And it of course goes beyond this one area.

A clear intention organizes ourselves around it as iron filings in a magnetic field. It all (at least a lot) becomes aligned. It is one expression of the effort that allows grace.

Prejudice against the nondual

I also see that I have a slight prejudice against the nondual which prevents a clear intention for that particular form of awakening (the tenth phase in Ken Wilber’s outline). I tend to see it as a little too cold and detached, a little too a-human (which it of course is, that is the whole point).

Transcend & include

At the same time, it is very clear to me that it is just another example of transcend and include.

Going from the Fs (fulcrum 1 through 9) to nondual transcends them all, in particular the duality of seer and seen. It helps us arrive at the whole which is beyond and includes seer and seen.

And it – of course – includes F1 through F9. It is the largest nesting doll including all the others.

Nothing is lost, except a narrow and exclusive identity. There is still the body, energies, emotions, thoughts, the seamless whole of body/psyche, activity and engagement in the world, Spirit in/as nature, God beyond and as all there is, God beyond and including all polarities – and now also that of seer and seen.

If anything, it is far more rich and full than any other level.

And in itself, it has levels as well – at least levels of intensity. It can be very ordinary and unremarkable, with the same content as our ordinary human life (apart from another clarity). And it can have higher intensities, allowing it to go through the sleep cycle. And probably more as well.

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