Mistaken Reality of What Is & I

I sometimes arrive at some more (apparent!) clarity at the end of a posting. Here is one from the previous post…

The reality of what the “I” is placed on – whether our human self or formless awareness or something else – is mistaken as the reality of the “I” itself, the separatedness of I and other.

What is, is just what is – as it is, beyond and including all polarities including that of seer and seen, I and other.

And what we perceive as what is, is a seer and seen.

So we mistake the reality of what the “seer” is placed on – for instance our human self or the Witness which indeed are real, with the reality of the absolute separation of seer and seen. We mistake it as the reality of the “I” placed on a segment of what is, which is not real.

The “I” as placed on a segment of what is, is not the ultimate reality – there is no inherent “I” there. It is real only in our perception we create when we believe in the thought “I”, and in that sense it is real. It has real effects. We experience it as real, act as if it was real, and suffer as if it was real. We create the reality of it ourselves.

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