Motivation & Meaning

Again, this is something that is pretty obvious in its terse form – but also a living and evolving question for each of us, probably as long as there is a human self here.

Self, motivation and meaning

On the level of our human self, there is obviously a range of motivations and a sense of meaning (or lack of meaning). And this evolves as we do, from egocentric via ethnocentric to deepening worldcentric.

Big Mind, beyond and including motivation and meaning

At the same time, at the level of what is – Big Mind, beyond and including all polarities – there is no motivation or meaning. Everything just happens. Whenever motivation or sense of meaning arises, I am that too, but I (as Big Mind) don’t have motivation or sense of meaning. I am it but don’t have it.

Deeper into both

There is an interesting interaction between these two levels.

In the freedom from meaning and motivation as Big Mind, there is also the freedom of being more fully engaged in meaning and motivation on a human level. We know that too is “emptiness” and intrinsically devoid of anything absolute, so we can fully engage in and as it.

And by fully engaging in/as meaning and motivation, we clarify Big Mind – beyond and including all and any motivation and sense of meaning. We clarify its stainless nature. Everything comes and goes as guests. Nothing sticks.

Transcend and include

As we move on, our circle of care, concern and compassion gradually expands to include all of Existence, beyond and including any polarities. This is a case of transcend and include, so we don’t abandon ego- and ethno-centric care – they are included as the circle expands.

Infinte motivation, limited insights and skills

In our daily life, we seek solutions and actions which seem – as far as we can tell – to be of benefit at all levels.

The motivation may be infinite, but our practical insights and skills are always limited. There is always further to go, always more to learn on a practical level.


We can also say that our motivation moves from various levels of ego/ethno/world-centric; to realization of Big Mind devoid of meaning or motivation; to a motivation out of compassion coming from our integration of Big Mind and our human self.

First, we are exclusively identified with our human self, and our motivation and sense of meaning comes from various levels of ego-, ethno- and world-centric living.

Then, we find ourselves as Big Mind devoid of any meaning or purpose. It all just is, as it is. That is all.

Then, as we learn to integrate Big Mind and our human self, compassion – Big Heart – is awakened. We function from an even deeper world-centric level, with care and compassion for all there is.

This is of course a very idealized outline.

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