Movies as Practice

I watched Brokeback Mountain with my partner today, and while we talked about it afterwards she joked that watching movies is one of my main spiritual practices. It is actually not too far from the truth right now.

During the last two movies I watched at the theater – King Kong and Brokeback Mountain – I left the movie theater with a relatively clear sense of no “I”, of the tapestry of what is, with no “I” anywhere.

Watching movies, I am typically engaged and focused on the unfolding story, I sit still, and I allow whatever comes up – usually strong energies from emotions – to unfold withing space. And the effect is similar to doing a mediation retreat: clarity, insights, stability – and even a taste of no “I”.

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  1. Thanks Coolmel! I have been reading your blogs now and then, and found much resonance there as well. I plan to watch some of the movies you have reviewed 🙂

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