Nothing & Something To Protect

When I say that there is nothing to protect, what comes up is that there is also something to protect.

Nothing to protect

Awakening as Big Mind, there is nothing to protect. As a human self, I see any quality out there also in here. And as Big Mind, I am anything and everything that is happening. There is no fixed or limited identity to protect.

Something to protect

At the same time, there is of course something to protect.

I protect this human self, although not at any cost. I protect other living beings. I may protect material things, although again not at any cost. And I may protect certain traditions or paths which help people awaken as Big Mind.

And I do this from a wish to maintain this particular vehicle in the world of form, this human self. I do it from seeing in my human self what I see in others, and seeing them all as I as Big Mind. I do it from seeing the temporary value of certain material things. And I do it from seeing the value in paths that helps people awaken as Big Mind.

The way I protect depends on the situation and my skills. And I realize very well that my insights and skills are always very incomplete, there is always room for improvement. There is nothing to protect even there. There is no need to justify any of my actions, because they are all from incomplete insights and from skills that could be developed much further.

Only human self

When we find ourselves as only a human self (not awakened as Witness or Big Mind), there is of course a lot to protect. There is everything to protect listed above, but more importantly – there is a limited identity to protect. I see myself as a segment of what is, and need to protect and uphold this identity. This creates a good deal of struggle and suffering.

It is not balanced with the living realization of nothing to protect that comes with the awakening as Big Mind.

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