Personal Becomes Universal

I have had some dissatisfaction coming up about this blog, in particular how it all seems obsessively self-occupied. I don’t even reference other blogs very much (if at all) and only occasionally link anywhere. Mostly, it is just a record of one phase of one person’s journey, and a way to clarify and get things out and done with.

All lies

It is of course all lies as well. All our maps – including our language – are incomplete. What is, is always more than and different from our experiences and interpretations of it. Any map may be helpful for a while, but then not so anymore.

As much as I connect with sincerity when I write some of these posts, when it comes down to it, it is all lies. As all maps are, even those mapping one phase of one person’s journey. And that is OK too.

Personal becomes universal

Reading Joan Tollifson’s and Joel’s autobiographies, I am reminded of how the very personal often comes out the other side as universal.

We all experience the universally human, each in our own way. It is one theme, with many variations. And that is why we (at least some of us) enjoy reading autobiographies, and it may be part of the reasons why we all tend to be so fascinated with the lives of others. It is also about us.

So even this blog, with its obsessive ruminations on the same few topics, may be of interest to some others. Because even if it is unique and personal to this one human being and this one phase of his journey, it is also about others.

And even if it is all lies (although mostly sincere ones), it may point to experiences other have. It is a finger pointing to the moon – a fuzzy moon distorted by the pond it is reflected in.

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