As we drove from the movie theater to a Breema class, I mentioned that I want to talk with Joel at the Center for Sacred Sciences soon.

I have a sense that there is a relatively clear insight into “no I” but something is missing, and it is most likely the energy, clarity, stability and surrender that comes from a regular sitting practice.

I do mostly inquiries right now, and only sporadic sitting practice. The realization is there, but shifts and moves and is somewhat blurred. And another clear problem is the desire for “pushing through” that has come up over the last couple of weeks, instead of focusing on the practice and what is right now.

Talking with Joel may give me some more clarity about all this, and may also help fine tune my current practice.

As I briefly mentioned this, and also said that “well, maybe it is not so important – it can wait”, we passed a big sign saying “Joel’s” and just below “Hurry!” (and then something about a limited time offer).

This, and my partner’s excitement about this synchronicity, was just enough to tip it over for me, deciding to actually give him a call to set up an appointment. It can’t hurt.

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