Simple Insights

Clear experience gives clear expression.

And when the experience is not so clear, our expression of it tends to be more convoluted as well.

My last post is a good example of that. It is on a topic that is often quite clear to me, but today I am more fuzzy – and I gave too much attention to abstractions rather than to my immediate experiences.

Anything important and essential can be said simply and with few words. Of course, to flesh it out requires more words – but the framework remains simple.

Some simple insights that comes to mind…

An open heart comes from and leads to an open mind. (Both are infinite, unconditional – two aspects of Big Mind).

We are simultaneously human and Spirit, limited and infinite, an object in the world and that in which the world arises, and so on.

Gratitude comes from and leads to happiness.

Engagement comes from and leads to release. (Finding ourselves as the Unborn, we are free to more fully engage. And engaging more fully inspires us to become more familiar with ourselves as the Unborn).

Compassion comes from and leads to wisdom. (Transdual compassion comes from and leads to transdual wisdom, similar as the one immediately above).

Effort leads to and comes from grace. (As our human self, we engage through effort. As Big Mind, we am what appears as grace. And there is a continuous dance between the two.)

An exclusive identity leads to suffering. (With an exclusive identity we are less than what is, and this creates an “other”, struggle and suffering).

Being with, and being, what is leads to release. (There is just what is happening. When we create an exclusive identity as a segment of this, we also create an “other”. This other will eventuall come up as a disturbance, we try to cling to it or push it away, and there is struggle and suffering. Being with this leads to a release. Including it in our identity, being it, leads to a further release. And seeing that there is only what is happening, with no “I” located anywhere, leads to an even fuller release.)

And so on…

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