Simple Realization, Convoluted Expression

Well, this is just what everybody is saying. The realization of “no I” is very simple, yet incredibly difficult to express.

The simplest and most accurate is silence. Existence is expressing it perfectly everywhere and all the time anyway.

Yet, most don’t notice, so that is where some words may be helpful.

And in terms of words, again the simplest ones may be most accurate… As it is. What is. And so on. These annoying phrases which are to the point and accurately reflect the immediate realization of it, but also don’t help others very much.

Going beyond this, into more descriptions and interpretations of it, it tends to become either obscure and weird sounding, overly complex and complicated, or poetic and approximate – or any combination of these.

The challenge for our times, as it is at any time, is to express this in a way that is simple, straight forward, accurate, using current terminology, and not too obscure

The best I can come up with now is…

There is just what is, as it is. The same content, of (a) form and phenomena, (b) Witness and seer, and (c) the ground (emptiness) from, within and as awareness and phenomena happens. But there is no “I” anywhere in all of this. Not in the human self, not as pure awareness, not as seen, not as seeing.

It is as if each phenomenon is experiencing itself, right where it is.

Emptiness and form is no different from each other, although can be distinguished. Seeing and seen is no different from each other, yet can also be distinguished.

And from this realization, of what is realizing itself as beyond and including any and all polarities, there is a sense of everything just happening. There is no “doer” present, just the doing happening.

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