I keep coming back to this.

For me, one of my essential guidelines for deepening into humanity is sincerity.

Sincerity helps me…

Stay receptive – to what is, to myself, to others, to situations

Stay with what is – with whatever is happening, with my experiences as they are.

Express what is, as accurately as I am able – for myself and others.

Open for empathy and compassion – through finding myself as deeply human with all that includes, including the deeply vulnerable.

Open for deep intimacy with myself, others and Life – through receptivity to what is and the fullness of what I am as a human being and beyond.

Open for finding myself as the other – through finding it in myself as a human being, and seeing it in myself as Big Mind.

Deepning a transdual view – through seeing both ends of any polarity as included in what is.

Have less to defend – through finding in myself as a human being what I see out there and what others see in me, and seeing whatever is – no matter where and what – as myself as formless space & awareness.

Open my heart – through finding in my human self what I see in other beings, and seeing whatever happens in the present as included in myself as Big Mind.

Open for insights and discernment – through seeing both the sameness and uniqueness of all there is. It is all part of a seamless fluid whole, beyond and including any polarity. And it is all unique, new, different.

The other side of all this is of course the ways lack of sincerity – with myself and others – also deepens my humanity. That too is what it means to be human, it is part of Life – naturally and effortlessly beyond and including any polarities. That too is included in this rich, fluid, sensual, crazy mix of what is.

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