Sinking Into The Wisdom of What Is

I went to the second meeting of our evolutionary salon tonight. The context is the Universe Story and the realization that we – individually and collectively – are evolution unfolding. So how can we bring this further into awareness, and learn to find our evolutionary calling – individually and collectively.

There is a strong sense that we are all in the space of not knowing – both on a conventional level and also tapping into that which is beyond this.

What came up for me is the curiosity around our evolutionary calling. It is obviously (an aspect of) evolution itself, and always changing, so how do we notice it, learn to take it seriously, be humble enough to allow our ideas about how it “should” be drop, and bring it into life.

For me right now, it has to do with learning – in a continually deeper way – to be with what is. To allow what is into awareness and allow it so simmer, mature and unfold according to its own wisdom. And to trust that wisdom.

It also has to do with the clear Yes. Whenever something is deeply right, there is a deep knowing beyond thoughts and considerations. There is a clear and unmistaken Yes. And when I trust that and act on it, it unfolds in beautiful ways – often quite different from what I envisioned. And when nothing in particular comes up, when it is neutral, that is often an equally clear No. It is a sign to wait, to allow patience.

This is one way the evolutionary process speaks to, through and as us. The evolutionary process is all of us – on a form level – and occurs within and as the ground, as emptiness dancing. And allowing what is into awareness, to be with what is, seems to allow for something to emerge from all this. A new form of clarity which is distinct from yet can inform intellectual clarity.

As Byron Katie says, decision are formed and made on their own and in their own time, and are obvious when they surface. There is no need to try to make a decision or create clarity, that only brings up confusion and struggle.

This is something that life has shown me over and over, in so many ways, but I am a slow learner. And there is always deeper to go.

Of course, there is really an interplay of many aspects here – the pure awareness which holds it all, and the content of what is and also thoughts and reason. What emerges from what is, when it is held in awareness, informs our thoughts and reason, which in turn helps put it into life. And it also goes the other way.

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