Spirit As Other

What is

There is just what is happening. There is just formless awareness and everything happening within it, such as this human self, this room, the trees outside of the window, and so on. And there is no “I” anywhere, no segment of this which is “I”. “I” am all that is happening, and none of it.

Self & other

So when there is an identification as a segment of all this, typically our human self or a part of our human self, there is automatically a sense of self and other. I am this human self, everything else is other.

Spirit as other

When I am familiar with having an exclusive identity as my human self, then any experiences of anything more than this tends to be interpreted as an “other” coming through. Spirit came through to me, it talked to me, bathed me in light etc.

When my identity is only as a human being, and I experience myself also as Spirit, then this is typically experienced as “other”. I found clarity, it came to me, but I cannot yet experience myself as (also) clarity. Big Mind came through, as an “other”, but I am not familiar with myself as Big Mind.

Spirit as temporary identity

From the beginning, and more typically a little later in the process, I may temporarily find myself as Spirit, clarity, the Unborn, Big Mind and so on while it is happening, but fall back into my familiar indentity afterwards.

Deepening familiarity with Spirit

So there is usually a long process of dipping into this beyond the human, repeatedly experiencing and becoming more familiar with it, gradually learning to bring some of it back into my human and daily life.

I become familiar with myself as the Unborn, as Big Mind, as Spirit. It gradually deepens, clarifies, becomes more stable, and more integrated into my human and daily life.

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