Synchronicities :: Morten & Ruthless Compassion Gone Awry

My days are full of little synchronicities, many coming from listening to the radio or music.

As I clicked the publish button for the last post, there was another one.

My post was about yang compassion, and as I wrote I listened to Analogue – the most recent A-ha album.

As I clicked the publish button, Morten Harket (the vocalist) commented…

Cuz every friendly gesture
turns my stomach insideout

[from Don’t do me any favors]

Yang compassion is actions from wisdom & compassion – from deep care – although they may appear as ruthless and harsh. It is often experienced as painful by the reciever (and the giver as well), and the recipient may well say exactly that.

Some obvious examples of yang compassion is yanking a child away from the path of a car – it is experienced as brutal by the child, but may save its life. Other times, it may be less clear that it is actually yang compassion. It may not come from compassion, or it may be less skilled than it could be (inflicting more pain than neccesary). And then we may well say…

Cuz every friendly gesture
Turns my stomach inside out
Don’t do me any favors
I am better off without

And if it appears that it does come from compassion, even if not as skilled as it could be, we may say…

But it’s alright
Yes it’s alright
Yes its alright
Yes its alright
Yes it’s alright

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