Waking Down

I find that I am often a little confused by the Waking Down world. Everything tells me that it is just one approach to the mid-range of awakening (F7-F9 or psychic, subtle and causal in Ken Wilber’s terms). Yet, many of the WD folks seems to talk about it as if it has an importance far beyond that.


It does have very valuable contributions.

  • Spread
    It offers a beginning awakening through just connections with others who have gone through the awakening themselves. A seed is planted which then sprouts and unfolds. The virus is transmitted.

  • Integration
    They do have a relatively balanced approach between the vertical and horizontal. It offers an awakening to the Witness, the Unborn, formless awareness. It offers support in integration and healing on a human level. And it offers a community.

  • Awakning
    And the awakening itself has some apparently unique qualities, especially the intimate interweaving of the absolute and relative, of the Unborn and our human self, in a way that seems detailed and local to each cell in the body. This awakening can be start for those who has not yet awakened as Witness (or beyond), and a deepening for those who already have awakened to some extent.


At the same time, there seems to be some immaturity there as well reflected in an inflated language and portraying the WD approach as more special and unique than it may be.

It is after all in the mid-range of awakenings, at least so far. It is just one of many valuable and effective approaches in this mid-range. And the approach itself – as well as the people involved – has much further to go in terms of development and maturing. This is of course the case for all of us, and any tradition can mature further, but it seems especially clear in this case.


So I guess that is why I personally stay in the periphery of it all. I am attracted to the genuine contributions of the Waking Down approach, especially the embodied awakening that comes from it. And I am somewhat cautioned by some of the immaturity in it, especially in terms of language and how they see themselves in relation to other approaches – mainly as it comes from Saniel.

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