What Nondual Awakening Brings Up

From own limited experience, and that of others, it seems that an awakening to/as the nondual can bring up a few different things. Of course, what it brings up doesn’t really matter here as it is all seen as emptiness dancing, as just the play of the ground within and as everything happens.


One is that it is actually quite comical. What is spent all this time – during the life of this human self and maybe before – being completely absorbed in and identified with the content. All this time, it was caught up in the drama of the content and not also realizing itself as the ground within and as this all happens.

And it is so simple. This ground – the whole secret – was always here, it is nothing else than the Eternal Now, that in which time unfolds, and it was never – even for a millisecond – gone.


And this can bring up embarrassment as well, which is also recognized as emptiness dancing, as the dance and play of the ground.


And with comedy goes tragedy. When what is is exclusively identified as a segment of itself – most typically a human self or parts of a human self – there is various degrees of suffering and this is as real as anything else. When the suffering is perceived as real, it is for all practical purposes real. And this is a great tragedy and opens and deepens our heart and engagement in the world.


And realizing this, there is also the recognition that the deepening and exploration will continue. As someone said, the path to God has ended but the path in God continues.

The world of form continues to change and evolve, and our vehicle in the world of form – this human self – also continues to change, develop and mature.


And there is also a newfound appreciation of delusion here.

Before entering the gateless gate (nondual awakening), we wanted from delusion to awakening.

Afterwards, there is a clear recognition of also delusion being emptiness dancing. That too – as much as anything else – is the Divine, in one of its many forms and masks.

That too, is God, completely.

And with a built-in mechanism for seeking liberation and awakening to itself as the ground, as emptiness dancing.

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