Absolute & Relative

One way of looking at the absolute and relative…


The absolute is an immediate realization of what is with no “I” anywhere.

Awareness and form is revealed as Buddha Mind, God, Spirit, and the world is revealed as emptiness dancing. There is a seamless field of what is – beyond and including pure awareness and the forms of this human self and the rest of the world – and there is no “I” anywhere.


The relative is what is filtered through abstractions, and they help us discern and function effectively in the world.

If this layer of abstractions operates through delusion (no realization of no “I”), they are taken as substantial and a complete and true representation of what is, and this causes suffering.

If abstractions function through a realization of no “I”, they become useful tools for navigating, exploring and communicating in the world of form. They are revealed as just what they are – abstractions with only temporary and limited value, although very valuable as these tools. They are one way Buddha Mind expresses itself, and themselves appearing as what we call abstractions only through a layer of interpretation and abstractions.

In delusion, the relative comes about automatically. And within realization, the relative comes about through compassion and a desire to function in the world – as emptiness dancing, and with the intention of alleviating suffering for sentient beings (which is also emptiness dancing, but not perceived as that). It allows us to function in the world and communicate with the one Buddha Mind through other beings.

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