Absolutely Not Qualified

One way of not knowing is to realize that we are not – in any way – qualified, in any area.

It is a humbling realization. No matter how far I go in any area, I am still only just scratching the surface. My pitiful “knowledge” or “realization” is a tiny island in an infinitely wast ocean of existence. And this seems true also for those who have realized no “I”, and also for those who have high levels of realizations at F1 through F9 in Wilber’s framework (matter through deity mysticism).

And in taking this all in, it frees me from playing around with this pitiful knowing. It now appears within the context of not knowing and realistic humility, so it is somewhat safer to play around with and bring into the world. It is cushioned in not knowing and humility. The edges are taken off. It is a little more user friendly.

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