Calling, Passion & Conscious Evolution

It seems that our calling makes itself known through our passion – that which has most energy for us. That which sparks our passion. And it may well change our time.

And as we are the living face of evolution, an aspect of the current unfolding of the universe, this calling is also our evolutionary calling. It is part of the leading edge of evolution, as it is currently unfolding. Of course, even not noticing our calling, or not taking it seriously, or not bringing it fully into life for one reason or another, is also evolution unfolding in all its complexity and richness.

One story often comes to mind around these topics. A young native american man went on a vision quest, but nothing seemed to happen. One day, he saw a young attractive woman down by the river washing clothes, and watched her transfixed. Upon returning to his tribe, he told the medicine man that nothing had happened. The medicine man asked some questions, and the young man eventually and embarrasedly told about him watching the young woman. The medicine man said “that is your calling, to raise a family and bring your love and energy into it fully”.

For me, this story is a reminder of how our calling can appear very simple, very ordinary, very daily, but contain something far beyond that which seems so ordinary.

What are my passions in my daily life? Where is my attention and interest drawn? What sparks passion and interest in me? And how can this unfold into a conscious recognition of this calling? How can I bring it into my life more fully? How can I make myself more available to it?

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