Coming to Peace With What Is

In many psychological and spiritual approaches, the aim is (apparently) to come to peace with what is. Or, as they often say, the reduce or end suffering. Or, to find wisdom and compassion to live your life in service of the larger whole, which – to be effective – includes coming to peace with what is.

And all of this comes out of realizing selflessness, that there is only what is with no “I” anywhere.

It may be the same content of sensations (desk, computer screen, walls, window, sounds of the wood stove, the tapping of the keys, the pressure under the feet and thighs), feelings, emotions, thoughts (like those coming down in written form here), attention/focus, and the stainless awareness it all unfolds within and as.

But in none of these, nor in any of their combinations, is there an “I” to be found. There is no entity formed as a segment of what is that can be called an “I”. It all is just happening. It is all just a field of what is happening in the present, with no “I” anywhere.

Through discovering this, often over and over again, does this become more and more clear. Eventually, it becomes impossible to believe in an “I” and with it, resistance to what is drops (there is no segment set apart to resist other segments), and with resistance drops a sense of drama and suffering. And with all of this released, the nature of what is can be revealed – its inherent clarity, wisdom and compassion – and a new sense of ease in functioning in the world.

The urge to find peace with what is is only stilled when we realize that there is no “I”. Before that, any apparent solution is only temporary.

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