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I have noticed that the Center of Sacred Sciences focuses exclusively on the awakening to no “I”, something I have a great deal of appreciation for. It is the main focus of all the spiritual traditions, and what the mystics from many traditions express. It helps to sort out what is really important in various practices and approaches. It is what I am exploring right now. And a clear focus will necessarily leave much out, no matter what area it is in.

For me, I am equally intrigued with no “I” (the context) as evolution and development (the content), and see them as two sides of the same coin. If the first is left out, we are blindly caught in a cycle of suffering. If the second is left out, we leave out the whole relative realm and all the wonderful richness of it.

Evolution and development is one way God manifests, explores and expresses itself, always in new ways, in infinite richness and complexity. And this evolution and development continues, independent on whether what is awakens to its own nature of no “I” or not. There is an awakening to no “I” at some point, and evolution and development continues. We now see that it is just the play of God, and we are free to choose to actively engage in this play.

As long as we don’t realize it is just a play, we take it deadly seriously and there is real drama and suffering. When we realize it is indeed a play (of God, Buddha Mind, Brahman, Allah, Dao, Spirit), we can choose to play along. Just because. For the compassion it brings up. For the adventure of it.

The evolution of the universe, earth and species continues. The development of our human self, in all its many aspects, continues. There is a deepening. It is always new, fresh. It is an adventure and exploration process.

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