Creator & Creation

Buddhism is often depicted as a non-theistic tradition, although that is only partly accurate. It seems that we can also say that Buddha Mind – that which goes beyond and includes any and all polarities – is equivalent to God, Allah, Brahman, Dao, Spirit or whatever else we may like to call it.

In the same way, it seems that we can use the labels of creator and creation in the Buddhist worldview (at least from my limited experience with it). Emptiness is the creator, and forms is the creation. Or rather, emptiness is the creator and emptiness dancing is the creation, as they are not different yet can be differentiated. And it happens right now, in this eternal present within and as which the world of forms (and time) unfolds.

So the difference is of course in the details. In mainstream theistic religions, the creator and creation are seen as separate, and creation happened at a particular point in the past. In Buddhism, they can be differentiated but are not different, and happen in this eternal now.

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