Crystal Clear Context

In the realization of no “I”, there seems to be an awakening to a different context.

The content of experiences is the same, but now within the context of no “I” and this groundless ground, this crystal clear space which everything unfolds from, within and as.

This diamond space “pops”, becomes clear as a bell. It is that which all phenomena – sensations of pressure, sounds of the keyboard, bird song, trees, thoughts, a slight feeling of mental fogginess, the sky, clouds, houses, traffic and anything else – happens within and as.

For me, it helps to use sounds to notice this ground. Any sound anywhere in (physical) space becomes a reminder of this crystal clear space which everything happens within.

As with everything else, am sure this will change as I mature more into it and explore it further, but for now, this is how it appears.

It is interesting to come to this groundless ground, not the least – in my case – in noticing how this mental fogginess, which has been with me for as long as I can remember, also arises from and as this crystal clear space. The fogginess happens within and as that which is beyond it all, that which has a diamond quality, that which is clear as a bell.

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