Dials To Neutral

Over the last weeks and months, there has been a sense of all the dials going towards neutral. For some years, they were far over to one side: bliss, intensity, insights, engagement, success in the world and attachment to all this. Then, far over to the other side: loss of just about everything that used to give comfort, and resistance to this loss and everything it brought up.

Now, there is more of a sense of neutrality towards it all – and not from trying as it has been in the past. Just from having seen it all pass through – including the reactions towards it, from weariness of it all. It seems that all that is needed is to rest in it, and that seems the only option as well because of the fatigue which has set in again over the last few weeks.

And I see how the mind relates to all of this as I write it down. The whole parade of thoughts, of hopes and fears, of trying to see this as superior or inferior to myself in the past or others right now, and so on. And the seeing of the play of the mind around it is another way the dials go towards neutral.

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