I met a woman and there was an immediate recognition that we were to share our lives. It seemed to be a cosmic connection, beyond mere soulmates. We went to her house and I familiarized myself with it. She wanted us to have a child. It was all very matter-of-fact. Meant to be. And wonderful beyond words.

There was a deep sense of the feminine in this dream – warm, holding, flowing, caring, wise, heart and mind intelligence, intimate, fullness.

I also noticed the confusion this brought up after I woke up and replayed the dream. There is the knowing of this as the inner feminine. And yet, a part of me is confused and ambivalent since I am in a stable external relationship. If I go fully into this inner relationship, what does that mean for my outer? How will I and all my relationships change? Still, this inner relationship is so strong and meaty that I definitely want to explore and sink into it further.

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