I live in a warm climate, in Spain or Latin America. I am exploring my new house, and find a hand on a balcony. It talks and can move, and belong to a young woman. It has just escaped from the house next door where it (she) was held hostage by her family, who also abused her. I initially wanted to bring it back to the house, but she pleaded with me and explained her situation, and decided to help her. At this point, there was a flash to a different and simultaneous situation, where the rest of the woman (everything apart from the hand) was in a struggle with her current partner at a different location of the town. She was and about to break free from him. Seeing that, I knew that she could (would?) be reunited with her hand, and that we could (would?) be a couple. She was strong, fiery and beautiful. It was a unification at two levels (hand/body and couple), a coming back together of what belonged together.

This is a very unusual dream for me. The severed hand, which could move (with difficulty) and talk, did not seem out of place in the dream. I was slightly surprised and puzzled, but also took it in a matter of fact way. There was also the clear impulse of doing the “right” thing, which first seemed to be to return it to the house next door, and then to help her. And then there was the knowing of the possibility/likelihood of the double unification, if I only took care of the hand for a little longer. In Jungian terms, the woman is my anima, especially as she was very attractive to me in the dream. She was also far stronger (in terms of power) than what I consciously see as a good match, so this is an indication that I am selling myself to short in terms of what my feminine side can be. It can be far stronger and more fiery and powerful, than I currently imagine. She is also split/handicapped, and each part are hostage in somewhat abusive relationships, but she escaped one already (although precariously and in need of help), and is about to escape the other as well. And when she does, there is the double unification. Of course, the abusive relationships are in me also, and were not resolved in the dream.

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